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Why You Should Consider Allergen Immunotherapy

Why You Should Consider Allergen Immunotherapy

Allergen immunotherapy is an extensive medical treatment for allergies, which can either be administered through oral, sublingual, or subcutaneous (allergy shots). It works by gradually exposing the person to a specified amount of allergen until immunity is developed.

Here’s why you should consider allergy services in Florida.

  • It works.
    According to findings, immunotherapy is clinically effective in patients with rhinitis or asthma whose symptoms are clearly driven by allergic triggers. Yet, the efficiency of allergy medicine appears to be related to the dose of the allergen and the length of the therapy, so full patient commitment is required.
  • It’s safe.
    Multiple clinical trials and retrospective studies have been disclosed evaluating the overall safety of these therapies. Side effects are usually mild and moderate, (which can be resolved by adjusting the dose) and reported cases of severe, potentially life-threatening adverse reactions like anaphylaxis is uncommon.
  • It’s cost-effective.
    Immunotherapy and other allergy treatments are considerably cost, but they are undeniably effective. People who have gone through such treatments have testified to long-lasting relief of their allergy symptoms. Allergy treatments give patients’ their money’s worth and in the long run, saves them from allergy spells and frequent visits to clinics and hospitals.

An important reminder though before getting allergy treatments: middle-aged adults who have any existing medical conditions like cardiac disease should first consult an immunologist for patient safety concerns. The same goes for children age five below.

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