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Signs that You Need to Pay Your Allergist or Immunologists a Visit


Allergies can cause many unpleasant and distracting symptoms, such as digestive upsets and headaches, as well as respiratory problems and runny eyes. Not to mention the accompanying fatigue, drowsiness, and mental sluggishness.

If you suspect you have allergies or allergy-related sinus symptoms, you should seek treatment from a board-certified allergist or immunologist.

  • Cough and cold symptoms that last longer than two weeks
  • Food, insect sting, or medication-induced allergic reaction
  • Asthma warning signs– shortness of breath, wheezing, frequent cough (especially at night or after exercise), chest tightness
  • A total of three ear, sinus, throat, or lung infections in a year
  • Allergic rashes, such as hives and contact sensitivities

Patients who are otherwise healthy and want to know their immunocompetence status can also consult with an allergist-immunologists.

By visiting an allergy treatment center in Miami, Florida, allergists can determine the cause of your allergy symptoms and help you find a treatment plan that works for you, allowing you to breathe easier and live a better life.

Contact Lamas Medical Allergy. Immunology if you experience allergy symptoms but have never seen an allergist. Contact us today to seek treatment for your most severe symptoms. We offer allergy testing and allergy medicine that is tailored to your needs.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our Immunotherapy and allergy services in Florida, visit us today!

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