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Most Common Food Allergies You Need to Know

Most Common Food Allergies You Need to Know

A food allergy happens when the body falsely recognizes some of the proteins in the foods as harmful. It then triggers an abnormal immune response, including releasing chemicals like histamine, which causes inflammation. 

Symptoms range from difficulty in breathing to swelling mouth or face, but if these worsen, do not hesitate to visit an allergy treatment center in Miami, Florida for allergy testing.

Learn what are the most common food allergies so you can avoid too much consumption of them:

  • Eggs

    Some people are allergic to the egg white and some to egg yolk because the proteins in both eggs differ slightly. Symptoms include digestive distress, skin reactions, respiratory problems, and more. Over-the-counter allergy medicine might help you alleviate the symptoms, but make sure to buy only those recommended by your physician.

  • Peanuts

    Peanut allergies are very common. Research suggests that people with a family history of peanut allergies are most at risk. A peanut allergy is a serious condition. It potentially develops fatal allergic reactions. Therefore, know your family history beforehand and visit centers that provide allergy services in Florida to understand the risks.

  • Shellfish

    Shellfish including shrimp, prawns, lobster, squid, and scallops can trigger food allergy from a protein called tropomyosin. Seafood allergy can be tricky because you have no idea how the cooking process was conducted. While immunotherapy may help in allergic reactions, try to avoid eating shellfish, especially if you had allergic reactions before.

For all your allergy-related concerns, visit Lamas Medical Allergy • Immunology, a center that provides immunology services that can help you with your concerns with the highest quality of service.

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