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Common Signs You Have Pet Allergy

Common Signs You Have Pet Allergy

Pets are adorable, and they can be your loyal companions, especially if you live alone. However, before taking care of one, you must know your allergy history. You may be allergic to your pets. So get yourself tested before adopting one.

Know the common warning signs of pet allergy and when to buy allergy medicine below:

  • Cat allergy
    If you have a cat at home, you should watch out for sneezing or a runny nose within minutes of touching a cat or entering a house with a cat. Depending on your sensitivity level and how quickly will the symptoms develop after your exposure, your symptoms can range from mild to severe. Severe symptoms include difficulty in breathing, rashes, and facial pain. If you have an allergy history but still want to live with a cat, immunotherapy may help you, but it is best to ask proper advice from your physician first.
  • Dog allergy
    Dog and cat allergy symptoms are pretty similar, but dog allergies are common due to the multiple allergens they produce. Your furry buddy can carry these allergens in their hair, saliva, and urine. Still, you can take care of a dog even with your allergies if you go for immunology services or take better precautions to keep the symptoms at bay.
  • When to see an expert
    Taking care of pets while trying to fight allergies is challenging for pet lovers. However, Lamas Medical Allergy. Immunology, an allergy treatment center in Miami, Florida, can help you deal with a pet allergy. Our services focus on providing solutions using proper diagnostic techniques and treatments.

Visit us today to know more about our allergy services in Florida.

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