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Samantha Caro

Samantha Caro

Medical Aesthetician

Samantha Caro was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She attended Kaiser Career College and completed her training as a Paramedical Aesthetician graduating with the highest honors and earning a leadership distinction award in 2012. She is currently licensed in the State of Florida.

Shortly after graduation, Keiser’s program coordinator recommended Samantha for a coveted position with the late, internationally recognized Dermatologist, Dr. James Fulton. She joined his clinical team and had the privilege of learning many “clinical pearls” in the management of problem skin. It was at Dr. Fulton’s private practice that Samantha met Dr. Ana M. Lamas and for several months divided her time serving both practices.

Samantha is the Medical Aesthetician at the Lamas Cosmetic and Weight Loss Center performing a wide variety of skin care services such as: facials, acne facials, peels and microdermabrasion. She also serves as Dr. Lamas’s Aesthetics Assistant working closely with her during the application of fillers and neurotoxins and assisting while performing mesotherapy and cosmetic PRP. Samantha assists both Dr. Lamas and PA Viera-Navarro during Ultherapy procedures and with the management of patients on the hCG diet. Samantha is passionate about skin care. She truly enjoys helping patients address their cosmetic concerns and improve their skin conditions and aesthetic appearance. She is fluent in Spanish.